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  • At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:

    • Understand the use of the present perfect with "since"
    • Understand different uses of the word "fresh"


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Dialog: "You've become such an Environmental Nazi since we moved to Brazil."

The present perfect is used in many ways in the English language. In today's lesson we'll focus on the use of the present perfect with "since".

When "since" is used in a sentence, we generally use the past simple in the clause that refers to a particular time in the past, and the present perfect in the main clause.

  • Since Barack Obama became president, the American people have regained their sense of hope.
  • The Cashill's haven't slept a wink since the baby was born.
  • Tania hasn't seen her family since she moved to Brazil.


However, we use the present perfect in both the main clause and the time clause when the two situations described extend until the present.

  • I haven't seen any exotic animals since I've been in Brazil.
  • Since Lisa has lived in Beverly Hills, she has seen many famous people.
  • Morgan has gotten quite good at explaining grammar since he's taught English.

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"Shared Waters, Shared Opportunities" is the theme for this year’s World Water Day. Yes I know, most of you must be thinking, "World Water Day...what the heck is that?? Well if you can’t guess by its name or its theme...and no, it’s not about a water theme park, then check out this lesson so that Ashley and Josh may enlighten you about this very important commemoration.

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