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Dialog: “Apart from a brief existentialist movement in the early twentieth century I would hardly say that existentialism is a popular philosophical outlook on life.”

Linkers are words that connect clauses or ideas.  The linking words aside from, except for, apart from, and besides are used when talking about exceptions. Aside from, and except for are used to introduce the only thing or person that a statement does not include.  Whereas besides means “as well” as or “in addition to”.  Apart from can be used with both the above meanings.

Aside from the lengthiness of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”, I find it to be one of the best plays he wrote. (the only thing I don’t like is its length)
I don’t like any of Shakespeare’s plays aside from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. (It’s the only play I like)

Except for Hamlet, whose fatal flaw was hesitation, most of Shakespeare’s tragic heroes were undone by hasty errors of judgment. (Hamlet is the only hero of tragedy who died because he did not act quickly enough)
•  I’ve seen performances of every Shakespeare play except for “King Lear”. (It’s the only play I haven’t seen )

•    Besides plays Shakespeare also wrote many narrative poems and sonnets. (in addition to)
•    Besides “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Love’s Labour’s Lost” I also enjoy the comedy “All’s Well That Ends Well”. (as well as)

•    I’ve never enjoyed reading anything by Shakespeare apart from his sonnets. (except for)
•    Apart from “King John” Shakespeare also wrote historical dramas about Henrys IV, V, VI, and VIII, and Richards II and III. (besides)

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"Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?" Wait, Wait don’t skip this podcast! Early Modern English is confusing even to us native Modern English speakers! You’re either passionately drawn to the works of Shakespeare, or as most American adolescents, dreading the day when you must decipher for the first time, one of his plays! Today there’s no need to worry... we’ve taken a popular quote by Shakespeare and, well, deciphered it for you!

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