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  • At the end of the lesson you'll be able to:

    • Properly use reported speech
    • Understand money idioms
    • Understand words related to the economy


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1) Dialog: "He said that this sluggish economy was only temporary..."

When we use reported speech the verbs of the sentence are usually past tense.

•    Mary said she wasn’t feeling well.
•    My husband told me that we had to sell the house.
•    Jack said he had been so busy that he hadn’t had time to read the report.


2) Dialog: "He said that currently the dollar isn’t worth a red cent."

If you report a situation that hasn’t changed you don’t need to put the second verb to the past tense (first verb remains in the past).
If you say who someone is talking to, use  tell; if not use say.

•    My boyfriend told me he wants to get married.
•    Rebecca said she hates working on the weekend.
•    My son said that he plans to study law.
•    My husband told me that our accountant is a pessimist.
•    He said that he’s barely made ends meet.

Note that the use of that is optional for all uses of reported speech
•    My mom told my sister she wants to divorce my dad.
•    Sheila said she loves her new job.
•    John told me/said that he wasn’t ready to enter into another relationship.

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Recession!?  Don’t we all dread that word… What are you doing with your money these days?  In this lesson, you’ll hear about what’s happening to two friends while they chat away about problems with the economy.  At the end, you’ll get to see if they are in trouble… 

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