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There is a big debate amongst those who believe that vote by Electoral College is inherently undemocratic, and those adherents who believe that it is an important and distinguishing feature of the federal system."

The rule most commonly followed for between and among is that between is used when talking about two objects or people and among is used when talking about three or more. However that's not always the case. In fact, between is used for two or more objects or people that we see as individual or separate.



  • A treaty was negotiated between Germany, France and Italy. (three separate countries)
  • The state of Washington is situated between Oregon to the south, Canada to the north, Idaho to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. (four individual borders)
  • I think it's best if you keep this secret between you and me. (two people)
  • Many Americans believe that there's not much difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. (two parties)



  • Among all the states in the U.S. California is considered one of the most progressive.
  • Rachel was among the four they chose to represent her university at the statewide competition.
  • The democratic candidate seems to be more popular among young adults.


Note: As in the text, amongst is sometimes used instead of among, but only in more formal contexts.

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