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Dialog: "Much admired for his piety and kindness, St. Nicholas became the subject of many legends."

Inversion is when we change the word order of a phrase so that the verb comes before the subject. A question is the simplest example of how we use inversion in everyday English. However, the use of a verb at the beginning of a sentence is more formal, and therefore found more in written English than in Spoken English.


  • Had the rain not been so heavy the flight would not have been delayed.
  • Much respected by all the students and faculty, Professor Hutchins was given a banquet in his honor.
  • On New Year's eve, as the crowd at Times Square counted, ten, nine, eight, seven....down went the ball.
  • Well hidden under her bed were all the diaries she'd kept over the years.


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Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!  Without a doubt the first thing that pops into an American child's mind when he or she hears those words is, Santa Claus. In some languages he's called Father Christmas, in some, Old Man Christmas.  Let's face it, he's world renowned, but where did he come from? In this lesson you'll learn about the origins of this beloved figure.

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