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Dialog: "
Remember, you were having a bit of insomnia."

"A bit" and "a little" can be used before adjectives or nouns, and "slightly" can be used before adjectives to give emphasis; each meaning in small quantity:

a bit             a little            slightly


  • I always put a bit of milk in my morning coffee.
  • I'm feeling a bit tired. Can we discuss this tomorrow?
  • There's a little chicken left. Would you like some?
  • I'm a little hungry. Let's get a snack.
  • Jason seemed slightly annoyed by his girlfriend's constant whining.
  • Rachel was only slightly happy upon hearing about her sister's promotion.

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Are you a firm believer in hospitals and traditional medicine? Do you pop an aspirin every time you get a headache? Or would you rather explore different, non-traditional remedies, such as acupuncture or deep-tissue massage? Whatever your preference, you'll relate to both sides of the traditional vs. non-traditional medicine debate in today's lesson.

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