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Dialog: "
You are confused, aren't you?"

Question tags are mini questions that we put at the end of a sentence in spoken English.  We use auxiliary verbs, (do, be, have, etc.) to create a question tag. We use a negative question tag after a positive sentence, and a positive question tag after a negative sentence.

If your voice goes down while saying a question tag, you are not really asking a question, but inviting the listener to agree with you.

  • This is a great song, isn't it? (it is a great song)
  • They haven't finished writing the report, have they? (the report hasn't been finished)
  • Jim didn't buy the champagne, did he? (the champagne wasn't bought)

If your voice goes up while saying a question tag, you are asking a real question.

  • You haven't got a pair of scissors with you, have you? (you don't know if the person has scissors)
  • You don't happen to know where Rebecca is, do you? (you really don't know where Rebecca is)
  • The Robinsons left for Argentina yesterday, didn't they? (you don't know if they left or not)


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SUPER BOWL! SUPER BOWL! SUPER BOWL! Ok maybe you aren’t as excited as the average American is about football, but the Super Bowl is so much more than just a game! If you’re not interested watching it, then maybe the multi-million dollar commercials between plays will keep you entertained.  In today’s lesson Ashley and Josh teach you some football lingo so that you too can keep up with this very American game.

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