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1) Could:
Dialog: "
Jack carved a sign of the cross into the tree's bark so that the Devil could not come down."

The modal verb "could" is the past of can when talking about ability or permission in the past. It can also be use to talk about possibility in the future.

  • I couldn't read the directions because I didn't have my glasses with me. (didn't have the ability to read)
  • 20 years ago people could still smoke on airplanes. (permitted to smoke)
  • If we leave now we could get there in time to watch the fireworks. (future possibility)

2) Should:
Should Jack die, he would not claim his soul."

The modal verb "should" is used to talk about obligations, recommendations, and probability.  It can also be used with inversion in place of an "if clause".

  • Safety should be worn at all times in the laboratory. (obligated)
  • You should never accept candy from a stranger. (recommended)
  • The Jacksons should be home from their trip by now. (probably)
  • Should you need me you can reach me at the office. (If you need me...)

3) Would:
Dialog: "
Jack eventually freed the Devil, under the condition that he would not bother Jack for one year."

The modal verb "would" is the past of will when talking about simple past actions; or it can be used to talk about things that happened regularly in the past.  It's also used to talk about an imagined situation or action.

  • Alexa promised she wouldn't call James again. (future: She promises she won't call him again)
  • When I was a child my mom would always decorate the house for Halloween. (habitual action in the past)
  • I would love to live six months in Brazil and six months in the States. (imagined situation)

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Ever had a pumpkin smile at you?  No?!  Then you’ve obviously never celebrated Halloween in the U.S.!  Children and adults alike celebrate October 31st by trick or treating, throwing costume parties, and of course...carving pumpkins!   People have been carving jack o’lanterns at Halloween for centuries, but few people know how this tradition began.  Well, it all started with the Irish myth of Stingy Jack.

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