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Dialog: "
If these trends are reinforced, Brazil's supreme court will start to resemble similar courts elsewhere."

We use "somewhere" to mean at, in, or to a place not specified or known; to a place or state of further development or progress; or approximately, roughly.


  • I know the can opener is somewhere in the kitchen, I just don't know where exactly. (describing an unspecified place in the kitchen)
  • After weeks of investing the crime scene the NYPD finally felt like they were getting somewhere. (making progress)
  • I believe in the last class we left off somewhere around page 56. (stopped reading at approximately page 56)
  • When I asked Claire where she got her bikini she said, "Somewhere". She's so secretive about where she shops! (an unspecified place)

We use "anywhere" to mean to, in, or at any place; to any extent or degree, at all; or to indicate limits of variation.


  • Now that we have a car, we can go anywhere we want! (go to any place)
  • Dave didn't tell us where he was going. He could be anywhere. (at any place)
  • Unfortunately, Rebecca and Steve aren't anywhere near reconciling their marital problems. (any extent close to)
  • Hot desert temperatures can range anywhere from 0 °C to 45 °C depending on the season. (limit of variation)

We use "nowhere" to mean not anywhere; to no place or result; a remote or unknown place; or a state of nonexistence.


  • Nowhere will you find a better home cooked meal than at my mom's house. (not anywhere)
  • Despite the massive turn out, the crowd got nowhere in their protesting of the ruling against Proposition 8. (no result)
  • One week into our road trip our car broke down in the middle of nowhere. We had to walk for four hours to find any civilization! (a remote place)
  • Jessica was talking to me about her ex-husband when all of a sudden he appeared from nowhere. (a state of nonexistence)

We use "elsewhere*" to mean in or to a different or another place.


  • -Did Jack end up going to Tahiti?

-No, he went elsewhere.

  • Cathy doesn't like American made shoes. Most of her shoes are made elsewhere.

*Note: "Elsewhere" is interchangeable with "somewhere else".

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We’ve come to the third and final series on the current state of Brazil’s Supreme Federal Tribunal. In this lesson you’ll find out what other innovations have been made, and about a certain argument had between Mr. Barbosa and Mr. Mendes...a civilized argument that is, no fist fighting!

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