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Dialog: "
It's when you get your lymphatic drained, duh!"

We use "to have something done" when we arrange for someone to do something for us. "To get something done" is also used, but in less formal spoken English.

  • Serena had her hair cut yesterday, and it looks great!
  • We had the carpet in our dining room replaced because the old carpet was really stained.
  • Does Anne not like having her photo taken?
  • Have you gotten your suit dry cleaned yet?
  • I got the DVD player fixed yesterday.


Note that "to have/get something done" can have another meaning. Sometimes it can mean that something has happened to someone or something that wasn't arranged and isn't good.

  • Melissa had her bike stolen last week.
  • Steve had to have his feet amputated because of a viral infection.
  • The Robinsons got their car repossessed because they couldn't make the payments.

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The second and final part in our Alternative Medicine Convert series has Micaela talking about her next big venture into the world of alternative medicine. What will it be this time?  Is she a convert for life? If the suspense is killing you, then what are you waiting for? Listen to the lesson!!

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