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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to office situations
    • Understand the use of the future continuous
    • Understand expressions with "beat"


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Dialog: "
We'll be providing you with an adequate severance package..."

We can use the "future continuous" to indicate that a future action or event is pre-arranged or organized in advance.




  • All the arrangements have been made. We'll be stopping off first in Bogota, and then we'll be moving on to Caracas for another show.
  • I won't be coming with you tonight. John asked me out to dinner earlier.
  • Will they be staying another night? I don't think I can handle your parents one minute more.
  • Won't the company be reimbursing the employees they let go? If they don't, they might sue the company for back pay.
  • You'll be going to Jane's house after the party, won't you?


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It is often the case in times of economic crisis that companies have to reduce costs in order to make up for lost revenues. And sometimes those cuts include employees. It’s never a pretty sight for a boss to have to tell an employee to pack up their things and head for home. And in this lesson, it gets even uglier! Join us as we go Donald Trump style and send them packing!

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