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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Discuss your health at the doctor’s office
    • Understand the use of the second conditional
    • Understand vocabulary related to doctors and health


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Dialog: "Honey, if your temperature were 39, you'd be stone cold dead. Your thermometer must be broken."

The second conditional is used to talk about things which are unreal, not true or not possible in the present or the future; things which don't or won't happen. In the dialog, the nurse is talking about a hypothetical situation.


  • If I had the money, I would take my dream vacation.
  • Yeah, and if pigs had wings they'd fly!
  • She would certainly make herself available if it were* worth her while.
  • Where would you go if you could** fly?
  • It wouldn't make any difference if they took antibiotics; we're dealing with a nasty virus here.
  • Would I date George Clooney if he asked me out? Are you kidding? Of course I would!

*When used in the "if" clause, correct grammar dictates that the verb "to be" be used in the "were" form and no the "was" form; though the latter is commonly used in colloquial speech.

**Note that sometimes we use "could" or "might" as a conditional instead of "would".


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There’s no doubt that getting sick in a foreign country can be a scary and, as you’ll see in this lesson, often embarrassing proposition. Join us as our Brazilian traveler suffers his way through a fever, a sore throat and an unfamiliar medical examination. So if you want to stay healthy and fever-free in a foreign land, just follow the doctor’s orders: "A MeuIngles lesson a day keeps the doctor away!" Enjoy.

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