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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to giving opinions
    • Understand the use of "to wish" in the present
    • Understand expressions with "rule"


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Dialog: "I wish I had some earplugs."

The verb "to wish" is followed by a verb in the past simple when we want to talk about a situation in the present that we are not happy about, or that we regret, but can do nothing to change.


  • I wish I had more money to buy those shoes.
  • Samantha wishes she could fit into her dress.
  • My cousins wish they hadn't stayed with us this summer, especially without any air conditioning.
  • My mom wishes she were more beautiful.


Dialog: "I wish he would just get off stage already."

We use "to wish" followed by would + verb (infinitive without to) when we want to complain about a present situation; and for changes we want someone else to make.


  • Gosh, I wish he wouldn't smoke that cigar inside; I can barely breathe. (complain about a situation)
  • My mom always says that she wishes I would get a job so I could get my own place to live. (complain about a situation)
  • I wish my wife would call me. It's getting late. (change for someone else to make)
  • My father wishes his boss would promote him. (change for someone else to make)


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There's nothing worse than spending a night out at the local comedy club listening to really bad comedy. That is unless there are some really annoying audience members who just won't shut their mouths! In this lesson, you'll find out how to express your opinions about things you really do not like, and how to use some colorful language to talk about things you really do like. Along the way, you just might have a laugh or two. Who knows?

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