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  • At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to hospitals and health in general
    • Understand how to use indirect speech
    • Understand different expressions with "run"


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Dialog: "What happened?"

When you ask a question in the past tense to discover the object of the question, you will use the auxiliary verb "did".  For example, your friend Mary called a friend over the weekend and you want to know who she called. You ask, "Who did you call?" "Who" is the object of the question. You must use the auxiliary verb "did". However, when you want to know the who, what or which that performed an action, or rather, when you want to know the subject of the question, you do not use the auxiliary "did". Check out these examples.

  • Someone called your friend Mary over the weekend and you want to know who called. You ask:
    "Who called this weekend?" (not Who did call)

  • You missed the big game last night and you want to know which team won. You ask:
    "Who won the game last night?" (not Who did win)

  • Your friend was hurt last week and you want to know how he was hurt. You ask:
    "What happened to you last week?" (not What did happen)

  • Something made a scary noise in the middle of the night! You ask:
    "What made that noise?" (not What did make)

  • You missed the Oscars and you want to know which movie won best picture. You ask:
    "Which movie won best picture?" (not Which movie did win)

  • Your friend was talking to two guys at the party last night, and now she has a date. You ask:
    "Which guy asked you out?" (not Which guy did ask)

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You don't have to be a doctor to help someone in need. But it certainly does help to know the ABC's of first aid when the time comes. In this lesson, join our entrepid doctor as he tries to save the life of an injured woman who was in a terrible bicycle accident.

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