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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Understand how to talk about your travel experiences
    • Understand how to use verbs followed by other verbs in the gerund form
    • Understand different phrasal verbs with "fly"

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Dialog: "But do you enjoy traveling on business? "

In English there are a number of verbs that can only be followed by verbs in the gerund form. Here are some of the ones more commonly used: to enjoy, to finish, to keep, to quit, to miss, and to mind. Check out some examples.

FORM: VERB + VERB (-ing)

  • I really enjoy taking a walk in the morning. (Eu realmente gosto de caminhar de manhã.)
  • Have they finished writing the report yet? (Eles já terminaram de escrever o relatório?)
  • James keeps asking me to quit smoking. (O James fica pedindo para eu parar de fumar.)
  • Mark misses studying with his classmates. (O Mark sente falta de estudar com os seus colegas de classe.)
  • Would you mind helping me with the dishes? (Você se importaria em me ajudar com a louça?)


Here is a complete list of all the verbs that can only be followed by another verb in the gerund form:

admit = admitir
advise = aconselhar
appreciate = appreciar
avoid = evitar
can't help = não resistir
complete = completar
consider = considerar
delay = adiar
deny = negar
detest = detestar
dislike = não gostar
enjoy = divertir-se
escape = escapar
excuse = perdoar
finish = terminar
forbid = proibir
get through = completar/terminar
imagine = imaginar
mind = importar-se
miss = perder
permit = permitir
postpone = adiar
practice = praticar
quit = para de
recall = lembrar
report = relatar
resent = ressentir-se
resist = resistir
resume = retomar/reiniciar
risk = arriscar
spend (time) = passar (tempo)
suggest = sugerir
tolerate = tolerar
waste (time) = perder (tempo)

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One essential aspect of speaking English is being able to tell people you know about the trips you've taken - where you've been, where you're going and where you'd like to go. In this lesson you'll learn some important vocabulary you can use to tell you friends and family, or even a guy who's doing a survey on traveling, all about your past travel experiences. Hope you enjoy!

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