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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Learn vocabulary associated with politics
    • Learn about the use of gerund or infinitive after some verbs


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Dialog: "Stop being so facetious"

Some verbs (stop, postpone, admit, imagine, deny, risk) can only be followed by the gerund (-ing). Take a look at some other examples:

  • Avoid talking to him when he is hungry.
  • Have you ever considered working for the government?
  • I've finished writing my proposal.

However, there are verbs that can be followed by the gerund (-ing) or an infinitive without to, but their meanings are slightly different. The gerund suggests that an action is in progress, while an infinitive suggests a complete action. Look at some examples:

  • I saw him opening the window. ( I saw the action in progress.)
  • I saw him open the window. (I saw the complete action)
  • I was able to see them building the new car. ( I saw the action in progress.)
  • I was able to see them build the new car. (I saw the complete action)

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