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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to education
    • Understand the use of the gerund as a noun
    • Understand different expressions with "fall"


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Dialog: "Customizing the delivery of information to the needs of different types of learners is very, very expensive..."

A verbal is a word formed from a verb, but functioning as a different part of speech. In this lesson we'll focus on the use of a verb in the -ing form functioning as a noun. In other words, using the gerund form of a verb as a noun means it is the "act" of doing something, and therefore represents the subject or object of the sentence.



  • Although drinking alcohol has been recommended by doctors as being good for your health, one should always do so in moderation.
  • Sometimes asking the right questions will yield the answers to difficult issues.
  • Of all the marvelous experiences I was so fortunate to have while in college, attending professor Marks' class was definitely the most rewarding.
  • Healthy eating is a sure sign of a healthy baby.


A gerund can also be the object of a preposition.

Dialog: "... and as a consequence our schools are headed even more pronouncedly towards teaching and testing everyone in the same way."



  • Apart from stopping off at the gas station, he had to swing by the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.
  • We thought it prudent to go over our information before presenting our ideas to the clients.
  • The keynote speaker went on for two hours without even looking at his notes.
  • I'm really looking forward to talking to him tomorrow night after the show.


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The quality of the American public education system continues to fall behind the rest of the world despite the billions of dollars invested in classroom technology and teaching. How can that be when the U.S. has consistently produced some of the world’s greatest minds? In this lesson we’ll look into some of the reasons and discover the innovative solutions available to get our education system back on track.

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