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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to the environment
    • Understand the use of the third conditional with inversion
    • Understand different expressions with "pose"


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Dialog: "Had they simply taken steps to control overpopulation and the emission of harmful gasses into the atmosphere, our plan would have been foiled."



The third conditional is used to talk about a situation in the past that did not happen. It did not happen because it was an improbable or impossible situation.

  • If they had known about the accident, they would have been able to avoid the huge traffic jam.
  • She wouldn't have gotten sick if she had worn a raincoat in the storm last night.
  • If you had spoken to me sooner, I would have held on to an extra ticket for you.



Inversion is when we change the word order of a phrase so that the verb comes before the subject. The use of "inversion" is more formal, and therefore found more in written English than in Spoken English.

  • Not only do you really have bad breath, but I think it's your cavities that are causing it.
  • Down went the tree as the farmers cleared more forest for planting.
  • Hidden in the deep jungle were ancient ruins, as yet undiscovered by man.



When forming the third conditional with inversion you must invert the auxiliary "had" and the subject, and remove the "if".

  • Had we been aware of the precarious situation, we would never have gone into building.
  • Had I not gone to the doctor more regularly, it's possible the doctors would not have discovered the anomaly in time.
  • I doubt they would have relied on him had they known about his reputation.


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Interplanetary conquerors have been plotting the Earth's destruction for millennia by unlocking the secrets of technology to man. Has our irresponsible abuse of the environment ever since taken the human race to the brink of extinction? Zorgon and Thormax from the planet Exacon-7 seem to think so as they laugh at us in their spaceship. Is there anything man can do to save the planet before it's too late?

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