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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to purchasing a plane ticket
    • Understand the uses of question tags
    • Understand different expressions with "trip"


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Dialog: "You don't have any non-stop flights, do you?"

"Question tags" are short questions used at the end of affirmative or negative statements.  It can be a real question (when your voice goes up) or just a confirmation (when your voice goes down). A negative question tag follows an affirmative statement; and an affirmative question tag follows a negative statement.

For statements in the present and past simple, the auxiliaries "do", "does" or "did" are used to form the question tag.

  • You work early tomorrow, don't you?
  • They do not enjoy action films, do they?
  • Mom has a meeting with our teacher today, doesn't she?
  • This flight doesn't have a layover, does it?
  • Dad didn't want another tie for Father's Day, did he?
  • They went to the party last night, didn't they?

For statements using the verb "to be", the question tag is formed using this verb.

  • You are from Shanghai, aren't you?
  • She isn't a very good actress, is she?
  • Jefferson is working on the project right now, isn't he?
  • You aren't planning on coming to the meeting, are you?
  • Your father was one of the best soccer players in the world, wasn't he?
  • They weren't on time again, were they?

For statements with other verb tenses, the question tag is formed using the "first auxiliary" verb used in the statement.

  • You have been to New York before, haven't you?
  • Mary has not come home yet, has she?
  • This will cost a lot of money, won't it?
  • Mike will never be the same again after the accident, will he?
  • We have been working on this for hours, haven't we?
  • They haven't been studying very long, have they?
  • They had seen the movie before, hadn't they?
  • The flight had been going smoothly, hadn't it?

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Reserving and buying a plane ticket online nowadays is as simple as a click of the mouse. Having to talk on the phone to a real live person, on the other hand, can be difficult and often stressful. Well, not any more. This lesson will give you the vocabulary you need to make reserving a plane ticket a piece of cake. So pack your bags and enjoy this lesson!

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