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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Understand the difference between "so" and "such"
    • Understand the different uses of the word "bunch"
    • Understand the meaning of abstract quantities

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Dialog: "Yeah, because that's so healthy."

As we explain in the lesson the uses of "so" and "such" are often confused. "So" is used before adjectives and adverbs to give them emphasis. "Such" is used before adjectives and nouns to give greater emphasis. Let's take a look at some examples.


  • My goodness! That music is so loud! I can't hear myself think.
  • Rob's so funny. He makes everyone in class laugh.
  • It's not so far away. I went there the other day and it took me less than an hour.


  • Oh, honey, you played so well! You guys beat the pants off the other team.
  • If that test hadn't been so tricky, I'd have gotten a better grade.
  • She has so many pairs of shoes that she needed extra closet space!

Dialog: "You're such a child sometimes."


  • Monica has such beautiful hair, don't you think?
  • This bookstore sells such great books. You can find anything you need here.
  • The wait in line was such a long one that we fell asleep at one point.

4) SUCH + A + NOUN

  • Frank is such a loser. Why did he dump her? She was the best thing in his life.
  • If he wasn't such a loaf, he could have finished his homework before going out.
  • Mary's such a clown. She made me laugh so hard milk came out my nose!

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How many is a couple? And what about a few? How on earth can you have a handful of friends when you can't even fit one of them in your hand? In this lesson we're going to learn the answer to these and other questions about the many zany and abstract quantities we use so frequently in English. There are a ton of them! A ton? That's heavy!

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