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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to travel
    • Understand the use of reported speech
    • Understand different expressions with "hit"


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Dialog: "
And the receptionist at the hotel said Patrick was one of the best."


When we want to tell someone what another person said we use reported speech. When the verb that reports (said, explained, etc.) is in the past simple the rest of the sentence usually changes to a past tense. Study the chart below to see how the verb tenses generally change.

You met Ryan. Here are some of the things he said in direct speech.

  • My job is really exciting.
  • My wife is filing for a divorce.
  • I have been to Ireland several times.
  • I have been studying for my doctorate.
  • I visited my parents last month.


Later you tell somebody what Ryan said.

  • Ryan said (that*) his job was really exciting.
  • He said (that) his wife was filing for a divorce.
  • He said (that) he had been to Ireland several times.
  • He said (that) he had been studying for his doctorate.
  • He said (that) he visited his parents last month.  OR**
  • He said (that) he had visited his parents last month.


*The use of "that" is optional.

** When what the person says is in the past the reported sentence stays in the past or can be put into a past perfect tense: "It was raining."

  • He said it was raining. OR
  • He said it had been raining.


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Join us as our adventurous couple visits the Holy Grail of breweries, the Guinness Storehouse, one of Dublin's most visited tourist attractions. They are on their way to meet their tour guide for the day, Patrick, a gregarious Dubliner who gives them a sneak preview of what they can expect during the tour. It only takes ninety seconds, and six floors of beer-making history, to finally taste one of the most delicious of Ireland's exports - the perfect pint of Guinness!

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