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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to childbirth
    • Understand the meaning of verbs followed by the infinitive or gerund
    • Understand different expressions with "wear"

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Dialog: "Don't stop pushing."

There are several verbs that can be followed by either a verb in the gerund or in the infinitive form. However, the meaning changes depending on which is used. Here are some common verbs that follow this pattern: to go on, to remember, to stop and to try.

We use to go on to do something when we do or say something new. We use to go doing something when we continue doing or saying the same thing.


  • After introducing Shakespeare's earlier plays, my English professor went on to talk about his later work. (started to talk about something new)
  • After introducing Shakespeare's earlier plays, my English professor went on talking about them. (continued talking about the same thing)

We use to remember to do something before we do it. We use to remember doing something after we have done it.


  • I remembered to feed the dog, but I forgot to put water in his bowl. (I remembered that I had to do it, and so did it)
  • I remember feeding the dog yesterday. (I did it, and now I remember this)


We use to stop to do something when we conclude an action to do something else. We use to stop doing something when we conclude an action we are engaged in at that moment.


  • My boss stopped to talk to us when he saw us on the street. (he concluded walking and started to talk to us)
  • My boss stopped talking to his girlfriend when he saw us on the street. (he concluded talking to his girlfriend)


We use to try to do something when we attempt to do something, make an effort to do it. We use to try doing something when we experiment or test something.


  • She tried to eat everything on the plate, but she was too full. (she made an effort to eat everything)
  • She tried eating everything on the plate. (there were many things on the plate and she experimented all of them)

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After hours of intense labor, little Hannah is brought into the world. While mom enjoys her new bundle of joy, dad recovers from a nasty knock on the noggin and probably one of the worst headaches in the history of headaches. All good things must come to an end, however, and this episode concludes our series on pregnancy and childbirth. Join our new parents and their newborn in this enjoyable chapter in the delivery room.

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