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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to giving suggestions and advice
    • Understand the uses of the present simple subjunctive
    • Understand different expressions with "tough"


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Dialog: "Well, I certainly don't recommend that you go into one alone."

In English the present simple subjunctive is most commonly used when making suggestions, requests and formal commands. It is formed from the infinitive of the verb without "to". We use this verb tense after verbs like to recommend, to suggest, to require and to insist, among others. Let's see some examples.


  • Mr. Tokashima recommends (that*) I bow when greeting people in Japan.
  • I recommend (that) he not get out of bed for another day or two. He needs to recover his strength.
  • Do they recommend (that) he see a psychiatrist?


  • Where do you suggest (that) we go for dinner?
  • I'm not suggesting (that) you work longer hours. I'm just saying you should manage your time better.
  • Mom suggests (that) you get a job soon or she'll start charging you rent.


  • In order to get the job, we require (that) you not be affiliated with the Communist Party.
  • It doesn't say anything thing in this book about requiring (that) we avoid looking directly at women.
  • Is it required (that) you pass a drug test to get in?


  • I'm sorry, but I must insist (that) you not talk during the performance.
  • If you continue to insist (that) she not see him, then she'll continue to see him!
  • Are you going to insist (that) he come along? I don't think he wants to.

*The use of "that" is optional.

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In many cases the tour guide is a traveler's first impression of a foreign country. His job is not only to point out the most interesting sites and teach tourists a little about the local culture; many tour guides also have the responsibility of teaching tourists about safety. In this lesson you'll learn how to make firm suggestions and requests to keep tourists happy and safe!

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