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  • At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

    • Use vocabulary related to showing a client around
    • Understand the uses of prepositions of place
    • Understand different expressions with "around"


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Dialog: "In this room we've got our Smoke and in the room on your left we have our Avids."

The prepositions of place "in", "on" and "at" are used to show how something is situated in relation to something else. "In" is used to show the position of something within something else, or within an area. "On" is used to describe the position of something that is touching the surface of something else, and in the idiomatic expression "on your left/right". "At" is used to provide the specific location of something, like an address.

1) IN

  • I copied the contents of the file and saved them in a new, password-protected folder.
  • James and Mary met in London back in 1972.
  • George Orwell had some interesting ideas in his head when he wrote 1984.

2) ON

  • As we approach those trees on your right, you might be able to see a pride of lions resting in the shade.
  • What's on TV tonight? Anything good?
  • Mom left the dinner cooking on the stove and ended up burning it.

3) AT

  • I think we're meeting at Jack's house and then going to the party together.
  • Make sure you turn left at the next stoplight.
  • There's a really great ice cream parlor at the end of the block.

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As globalization expands, international business opportunities increase and English becomes an essential component for marketing your product or services. That means you may be asked to receive visitors and give them a guided tour of your company or place of business. In today's lesson, we're going to give you the language you need to be able to successfully show off your company.

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